Atash, Austin.  Photo by Sandy Carson.

Atash, Austin. Photo by Sandy Carson.

About Atash

Farsi for “fire,” Atash has been rocking audiences around the world since 2001. Made up of band members from the Middle East, India, Europe and the Americas, the group’s home is in the musical mecca of Austin, Texas, where the band has been presented the Austin Music Award for Best World Music Band at the SXSW Music Festival for the last six years in a row.  High calibre musicianship on instruments such as sitar, tabla, strings, flamenco guitar, upright bass, west African percussion and drumset; tight arrangements with eastern melodies, complex harmonies, driving rhythms, and a well-oiled ensemble; telepathic connection between musicians in a spirit of improvisation; the poetry of master medieval Sufi poets, ecstatically sung in Farsi by the powerful voice of the charismatic frontman Mohammad Firoozi — these elements describe Atash, but don’t come close to the live experience of the band.  A better way to put it might be as Bob Marley said, “When the music hits you, you feel no pain.”

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“Flexing sinewy rhythms, Atash are at the forefront of ATX’s vibrant world music scene.”
–Margaret Moser, SXSW Festival preview

“Austin’s premier world music ensemble!”  “Austin’s best-kept secret!”
–Austin Chronicle

“Atash is comprised of so many musical talents. The list of talents reads like the United Nations! The band members shared their unique journey with members’ origins stretching from the Persian Gulf to Mexico, to Uzbekistan, to Bengal and the U.S., with all points leading to Austin, Texas.Together they bring a world alchemy that feeds their original sound.”
–Jeannie Hopper, WBAI Clocktower Radio, NYC

“Atash’s members are seekers of love’s eternal mysteries from a more spiritual plane. Connecting South Asian, Middle Eastern, and North and West African motifs with the rock-jazz realm, these globally minded Austinites have the fire-and-ice thing down pat. Their soul-center is Mohammad Firoozi, whose gruffly ecstatic Farsi vocals yearn with an unquenchable thirst.”
Tom Cheyney, LA Weekly

“All of the musicians are simply incredible and make what they do seem incredibly easy (when it isn’t). It was simply the most impressive thing I’ve recently seen and heard.”
–blogger William Helms, The Joy of Violent Movement (NYC)

“Atash means fire in Farsi — and they’ve been burning their way through Taiwan!”
–Ron Brownlow, Taipei Times

“To describe the experience would be to limit it, for no musical genre exists which could encapsulate the concept of Atash, the fusion of sounds yielding something completely unknown but at the same time strangely familiar.  It was impossible to resist the seduction of the rhythms and melodies of this multicultural project. The show began with an explosion of virtuosity that left the public breathless, a perfect sense of harmony, an authentic universal rhythm that needed no translation.  Deafening applause became an exhilarating constant throughout the entire show — without a doubt the festival organizers had saved the best for last, Atash!”
–Ricardo Pereda, El Siglo de Durango (México)

“In a time ripe with fusion revolution, Atash stands out among the ranks with a powerful and original sound.”
—AC, Metro Santa Cruz (CA)

“Atash now leads the way in promoting the exploration of various global disciplines in music.”
–Damon Williams, Feedback Magazine

“Atash’s musical power is unlike anything you’ll hear!”
–David Momphard, Taipei Times

“Atash’s approach to life is like their music: divine.”
–David Lynch, review of SXSW performance, Austin Chronicle

Reviews of new album, Everything Is Music (Pre-release: album to be released March 25, 2014)

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