PRESS RELEASE – ATASH Announces Shows in Seattle and Tri-City Area, Washington

After 16 years, Atash will be returning to Washington state for shows in Seattle and the Tri-City Area.

Six-time winners of the Austin Music Award for Best World Music Band, Atash will be exporting its ecstatic brand of original music of international roots to Washington state. The group consists of highly skilled artists from all corners of the world who collaborate in writing their tunes to create a unique sound which is at once ecstatic, energetic, soulful and rooted in rigorous traditions from around the world. Easy to discern are the signatures of Middle Eastern and Indian melodic traditions, rhythms of west Africa, the harmonic overtones of flamenco, and the energy of rock. More subtle influences include western classical textures and the improvisational elements of jazz.

The band first visited Seattle in the summer of 2001, during their historic Fear No Venue Tour, when they played Café Solstice during the Seattle WOMAD festival. In a time when news of violence, hatred and international unrest abound, Atash is on a mission to spread the message of global harmony and collaboration through sharing in the enjoyment of music and dance. The band itself – a brotherhood of musicians from varied religious, cultural, generational and educational backgrounds – demonstrates what can be accomplished when people come together in love and peace to create something together.

The first concert will be at Nectar Lounge in Seattle from 9:15 to 10:45pm on August 4. The second show will be at the Emerald of Siam in Richland from 9 to 10:30pm on August 5. Atash will also make an appearance at the Metalwolf Festival in Richland at the Fingernail from 12:55 to 1:30pm on August 6, 2016.