Mohammad Firoozi

Mohammad Firoozi. Photo by Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon.

Singer-songwriter, poet; vocals, percussion

Mohammad Firoozi was born in Borazjan, Iran.  His first musical experience was singing azaan (Call to Prayer) at age 7 in the local mosque.  Living close to Persian Gulf he was exposed to bandari music, a dance music absorbing elements of Arab, African and Persian folk music.  He later took part in Sufi and spiritual gatherings.  He learned Gypsy music from the nomadic tribes of Ghasghai and Ghorbati, taking part in weddings and private gatherings.  His love for music of the west inspired him to form the rock band called Lost Cats in 1972 in the city of Shiraz.  He immigrated to US in 1973 where he continued his love for music.  Mohammad formed the band “The Gypsies” in Austin in 1996, which evolved into Atash.  He has attended the Ali Akbar College of the late master Hindustani musician Ali Akbar Khan.  He does workshops and educational programs through his “Voices of the Middle East” project for Austin schools.  He has toured Europe, Asia, Mexico and the United States promoting his main purpose, the message of “peace and Love” for Our Beloved Planet Earth.