José Manuel Tejeda

José Manuel Tejeda. Photo by Alejandro Moreno-Alanis.

Spanish and flamenco guitar

José Manuel Tejeda graduated from The University of Arts (ISA) in his native Cuba in 2007 with emphasis on classical guitar, guitar instruction and professional solo guitar performer.  After thirteen years of classical guitar training, he began to focus on flamenco and took master classes with Spanish guitarists Alfredo Lagos, Andres Martinez, Paco Cruz and others, and collaborated with flamenco companies such as Melisma, Ecos and Alma Flamenca.  His passion for all types of music brought on studies in jazz, Brazilian, Argentinian, Mexican, sephardic as well as a multitude of other Latin styles.  While in Cuba, he had the opportunity to record with famous musicians such as Lucia Huergo, Liuba María Hevia, Orlando Valle “Maraca”, Dayani Lozano and many more. José moved to the United States two years ago and is currently working as a guitar teacher, solo and duo performer, and collaborator with different flamenco companies based in and out of his hometown of Austin, TX.